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Gimme Your Stuff

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I'm Muriel from France, born march 1980

I did this blog to swap with you


I like Kawaii characters especially Sanrio's, Morning Glory, Moomins, Afro Ken and so many more

I like scrapbooking and making friendship booklets, decos, ... so i like handcrafts stuff like original papers, confettis, glitter,...

I'm working in a stationery shop so i'm fond of any original stationery item, you can have a look at my e-shop on


you can ask me for any info

(Pour les francophones : www.ejea.fr N'hésitez pas à me poser des questions)


I collect

  • used stamps
  • stationery sheets but also notesheets, memos, envelopes,...
  • lettersets
  • brands shopping bags
  • Fridge magnets of town
  • cute soft toys

what i want to receive :

  • anything that i collect
  • memo pads
  • lettersets
  • original kawaii stuff
  • something typical from your country/area
  • original stationery item
  • cute soft toys about 15-20cm tall (6-8")
  • surprise stuff (amaze me!)

What i can send :

  • any stuff on Hello Kitty, Diddl, Pucca, Nici
  • handcrafts / scrapbooking supplies
  • any stationery item
  • magazines, books (french ones)
  • food
  • Anything really just propose


If you're someone serious and honest don't wait drop me a line at




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